Nest vs Honeywell Wi-Fi RTH9580WF Comparison Chart

Still not sure if you want a Nest or a Honeywell thermostat? This quick comparison chart compares the major features of the Nest and the Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostat (RTH9580WF).

Nest vs Honeywell Wi-Fi

Nest Learning Thermostat T200577

Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat RTH9580WF
Competitive EdgeSimplicity of use, Leaf for encouragementEmail alerts, excellent touch screen UI
LearningAdapts to your scheduleAdapts to your furnace
Energy Usage ReportYes. Usage reports with "Leaf" badge awarded for particularly efficient days. No
Temperature swing range+/- 3+/- 1 degree
E-mailed alertsNoYes
DisplayMotion-activatedAlways on (dims when idle)
Time periods UnlimitedLimited to 4 (wake, leave, come back, sleep)
On-unit controlsAdjust tempAlmost everything
Today's weatherNoOn-unit
Zone control supportgreen check mark (yes) green check mark (yes)
Filter change reminder (optional)green check mark (yes) green check mark (yes)
Fahrenheit / Celsius Yes / YesYes / Yes
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Read about the Nest advantages over Honeywell Wi-Fi and the Honeywell Wi-Fi advantages over Nest.

The Nest Learning Thermostat is for you if…

  • You’re attracted to the simplicity of installing the Nest and letting it adapt to your habits
  • You want to be encouraged to use energy-smart temperatures and settings
  • You would enjoy the monthly reports and would like to compare your usage to others in your region
  • You won’t miss the e-mailed alerts the Honeywell offers
  • You don’t have a C-wire (in some setups, the Nest can work without a C-wire)
  • You love the Nest’s design

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The Honeywell Wi-Fi Thermostat is for you if…

  • You favor tighter control over the temperature
  • You want the emailed alerts so you know when your house has lost power or is colder than you expect
  • You like to control things from the wall unit itself (you can still do these things on the app and website, too)
  • You just don’t like the Nest’s minimalist design aesthetic
  • You don’t like Google for whatever reason (privacy concerns, perhaps)

Did you try a Nest and it didn’t work out for some reason? Some homeowners who had difficulty installing a Nest switch to Honeywell Wi-Fi without problems. (You will need a C-wire, though.) The only real drawback of the Honeywell is the lack of monthly usage reports.

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5 replies on “Nest vs Honeywell Wi-Fi RTH9580WF Comparison Chart”

How much should a Honeywell RTH 9580WF thermostat cost? with installation ? What is a C wire? I want to be able to adjust Humidity levels in Florida

According to Honeywell tech support, you CAN use an RTH9580WF without a C-wire, at least in my application (forced-air electric heat and A/C. You need the THP-9045 wiresaver module which can be had on Amazon for about $20.

I have an old Lennox 80% furnace. I am looking for controlling my furnace remotely over smart phone. Can anyone tell me if any of these Thermostats ( Nest Learning Thermostat T200577 or Honeywell Wi-Fi Thermostat ( RTH9580WF ) will work ?

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