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I have a question about the use of an Ecobee adapter. I just installed an Ecobee4, replacing a thermostat that had a C wire. I have a second thermostat that does not have a C wire. Would I be able to use the Ecobee adapter for that second thermostat, a Honeywell wifi programmable thermostat?


LOVE the site. I have a question for you. I just bought a house with two thermostats/furnaces/AC units – one was added on when there was an addition to the house. I want to automate my home with smart thermostats now. Which thermostat would you recommend since I will be buying two of them? Should I do a regular and lite version of a thermostat, i.e. ecobee and ecobee lite? Is there a better option than the ecobee when considering that I will have two and I would like them to integrate or interact with each other – if possible? Any help or guidance would be so appreciated!

We have a Slant Fin GG300 boiler unit in a home with radiators. Currently have a Honeywell Home CT30 Low voltage thermostat installed post renovation – only have two wires visible…not sure why contractor did not run or change when walls were all open. Also have a hot water radiant floor in the kitchen den with Aube TH114-A/AF-024T thermostat. Contractor telling me now he can not install ANY smart thermostat (not Ecobee, not Nest…). any advice???

I am trying to install a nest thermostat and having problems. Found out a nest e won’t work because I have separate systems with each having its own transformer.Will a nest gen 2 work? Also out of my c wire I have 29 volts. Is this to high?Thank you, Rob

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