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Smart Thermostat Guide – WiFi-enabled thermostat reviews and comparisons


WiFi-enabled thermostat reviews and comparisons

Our 2019 pick: the ecobee4 is (still) the best thermostat

Our long-time favorite got even better with Amazon’s smart assistant, Alexa, baked right into the hardware.

More reasons to love the ecobee4: room sensors for a complete view of your home’s comfort, monthly usage reports, ease of scheduling, support for a huge variety of 24v HVAC systems, and fine-tuned customization of your heating and cooling systems.

Read our hands-on review of the ecobee4

Why upgrade to a smart thermostat?


No need to get up (or even be home) – now you can adjust the temperature from your smartphone or by speaking to a smart assistant, including Alexa and Google Home.


Smart thermostats make it easy to set a heating and cooling schedule that adapts to the current weather, the changing seasons, and your own schedule to save you money.


No need to spin a dial whenever you get home, and your house can pre-heat while you’re commuting at the end of the day. Many smart thermostats tie into home automation systems such as HomeKit, SmartThings, and Wink.


Compare to last month’s usage, control who has access, get emailed alerts, and more.

Latest News and Reviews

Our independent team buys and tries the latest smart thermostats.

ecobee’s new SmartThermostat gets better at everything – except being a thermostat

The ecobee4’s successor is here: parent-company ecobee dropped the “4” and dubbed the latest iteration of their flagship product the ecobee SmartThermostat. What’s new with the ecobee SmartThermostat In short,[…]

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Review: ecobee4 adds Alexa, keeps everything else that makes an Ecobee thermostat awesome

Our ecobee4 Alexa-enabled smart thermostat rating: The ecobee4 at a glance Voice control, integration with a variety of home automation systems, and a sleek, easy-to-use interface – the ecobee4 has it all.[…]

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Server outage? Here’s what happens to your smart thermostat

This winter saw a series of frustrating server outages for smart thermostat owners, particularly Nest and Ecobee. Frequent outages make it difficult to use the thermostat the way most people[…]

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What is geofencing and how do smart thermostats use it?

Your smart thermostat can use your phone’s location to figure out if you’re home or not. What is geofencing? Imagine an invisible border surrounding your home. When you’re “inside” the[…]

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Comparison: Emerson Sensi ST55 vs. Honeywell Wi-Fi 7-Day Programmable Thermostat (RTH6580WF)

In this article: we compared the Emerson Sensi ST55 to the Honeywell RTH6580WF to determine the best budget WiFi thermostat. Today we’re taking a look at two of the most[…]

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No C-wire? Install a Nest thermostat at your own risk

Nest says you don’t need a C-wire – until you do. Read enough Nest reviews and you’ll eventually spot a common theme: Nests sometimes fail in systems without a C-wire.[…]

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Best WiFi-enabled Smart Thermostats of 2018 – Holiday Buyers Guide

We are back with a brand new edition of our annual buyer’s guide! Whether you’re giving (or hoping to get), this quick guide will help you figure out which WiFi[…]

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Crunching the numbers: 3rd-party projects and alternative ways to analyze your Ecobee or Nest data

Ecobee and Nest both offer emailed monthly data reports containing information such as how many minutes your system ran, whether it was heating or cooling, etc., but the reports don’t give as[…]

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6 reasons you might NOT save a bundle with a smart thermostat

How much money can you actually save with a smart thermostat? As it turns out, that’s a complicated question. The answer depends on your existing habits, preferences, the climate you[…]

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Is my home compatible with a smart thermostat?

Line voltage, low voltage – what’s the difference?

Here’s our visual guide to wires, voltage, and more to help you identify your home’s heating and cooling setup. What kind of HVAC system do you have?

C-wire questions, answered

Many smart thermostats designed for a 24v HVAC system require a common wire (or c wire) to provide continuous power to the thermostat. (That’s because WiFi is too power-hungry to run off a battery or intermittent current).

C-wire explained

Best Budget Smart Thermostats 2019

Ecobee3 Lite brings everything we love about ecobee thermostats at a budget-friendly price: it’s easy to use, compatible with a wide variety of HVAC setups, and can be expanded with room temperature sensors (sold seprately).

Read our ecobee3 lite review

Nest Thermostat E might be budget-priced, but it’s still got the the learning algorithm that made Nest famous and a beautiful display.

Read our Nest Thermostat E review

Emerson Sensi is easy to use and schedule and works without a C-wire. See why this no-nonsense thermostat is a reader favorite. 

Read our Emerson Sensi review