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Review: ecobee4 added Alexa to a thermostat and we’re in love

Our ecobee4 Alexa-enabled smart thermostat rating: The ecobee4 at a glance Move over, everyone else – the ecobee4 is the smart thermostat to buy right now in 2017. They took everything we loved about the ecobee3, baked Alexa right into the hardware, and lowered the price. Note to readers: this review is intended for visitors from North…
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Comparison: ecobee4 vs. ecobee3 smart thermostats

“Alexa, compare these two thermostats.” When ecobee announced the ecobee4, a completely new update to its flagship thermostat, we were intrigued. We already think the ecobee3 is awesome, so what’s the deal with the 4? Let’s take a look! Summary The ecobee4 is just like the ecobee3, except now Amazon’s Alexa is built into the device.…
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