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Review: ecobee4 added Alexa to a thermostat and we’re in love

Our ecobee4 Alexa-enabled smart thermostat rating: The ecobee4 at a glance It’s not an easy choice nowadays in 2019. Nest and Ecobee have both continued to up their game, but they’re both struggling with the same things: server reliability (Ecobee moreso than Nest), integration with larger home automation systems (Nest’s is more robust, Ecobee supposedly has a…
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Comparison: ecobee4 vs. ecobee3 smart thermostats

“Alexa, compare these two thermostats.” When ecobee announced the ecobee4, a completely new update to its flagship thermostat, we were intrigued. We already think the ecobee3 is awesome, so what’s the deal with the 4? Let’s take a look! Summary The ecobee4 is just like the ecobee3, except now Amazon’s Alexa is built into the device.…
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